Book 1 in the Gods of Love series

Ebook ISBN: 9781419919688
Print ISBN-10: 1419960016
Print ISBN-13: 9781419960017
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Daphne Charissa isn't a chubby little guy with wings and a quiver of arrows. But she does belong to the Cupid race—a race of devastatingly beautiful creatures who excel at helping others find love, while remaining loveless themselves throughout their long lives.

When Daphne falls in love with Bion Chronos, she launches the two of them into a direct confrontation with the Furies as they fight to protect their own love and win release from the curse of lovelessness for the whole Cupid race. The problem is, the Furies have no intention of letting them win, and the lovers can't seem to keep their hands off each other long enough to form a coherent plan.

It's gonna be an interesting battle.

The Romance Studio gives Nocked Over 5 Hearts! "...a book that literally rocks with fun and eroticism. This is one of many of this author's tales that turn a fact of life we can relate to into a book we'll find hard to put down."
—Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

"I absolutely LOVED Nocked Over! Ms. Cheever has a beautiful voice and a light touch with her characters. I simply cannot imagine a reader who would not love Nocked Over.... What are you waiting for? Go get a copy of Nocked Over! As for me, I'm chasing down another of Sam Cheever's books."
—Marcy Arbitman, JERR

"A delight from beginning to end, Nocked Over will have you rapidly turning the pages to see what happens next. The ending is wonderful. Run out and get a copy of Nocked Over and delight in the tale of Bion and Daphne. You will not be disappointed."
—Elise Lyn,

"There is only one thing I can say about this book.........FANTABULOSO!!!!!!!! I just couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read it again.....and again....and again....and..yeah okay, you get the idea..."
Seriously Reviewed

Nocked Over

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2009 CAPA nominee

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Bion walked in the front door of the firm. He was carrying a single lavender rose in one hand and wearing a smile.

He walked toward me, past the receptionist and extended the rose. "Good morning."

Without thinking I took it. And then looked down at it in shock. A lavender rose, representing love at first sight. Damn!

I tried to hand it back to him.

He shook his head "Uh-uh. You accepted it."

I frowned. "I can't accept this Mr. Chronos."

He frowned back at me. "Bion."

I turned away, "Mr. Chronos can you join me in my office please?" I nodded to Becky, our receptionist, who shrugged at me as if to say, "Sorry, I couldn't stop him."

I didn't turn to see if he was following me. I didn't need to. I could feel every breath he took, every beat of his heart and every line of his hard body in my soul. I breathed deeply and his unique, knee-melting scent filled my head, making me dizzy with lust.

I really needed to get a grip.

I touched the doorframe as I entered my office to steady myself and then started moving toward my desk. I heard the door close and turned in panic.

It wasn't safe for me to be closed into the office with him. I opened my mouth to tell him to open the door but I didn't get the chance.

He was standing so close behind me my breasts rubbed across his chest as I turned.

I gasped.

He smiled.

His lips found mine.

My eyes popped wide and, to my extreme credit, I did try to push him away. For about three seconds. And then I succumbed to the drug that was Bion.

My knees buckled and his arms snugged around my waist, holding me upright and so tight against his body that I couldn't move. Couldn't form a straight thought.

I stopped breathing my own air and consumed his instead. It was a heady brew filled with sexual heat and untamed musk. I drank it down like fine wine. My head spinning with the kick from it.

He pulled his lips from mine and I gave a little cry, throwing my arms around his neck to hold him close. He chuckled softly and took my bottom lip between strong, white teeth, nibbling until I thought I'd come on the spot, just from the sheer, unfocused pleasure.

His teeth left my mouth and nibbled their way down to my jawline, where pleasure points I never knew I had exploded into life.

I lifted a leg and wrapped it shamelessly around his waist, pulsing against him like a bitch in heat.

Our kiss deepened into wildness, all thought stopped, only feeling remained. And what a feeling! I'd never experienced such unbridled pleasure from a kiss. My body was like one, giant nerve ending and the sensations it was getting from the Bion stimulus were all good.

So good.

It was somewhere in the midst of this mindless enjoyment that I heard my office door open. My mind was in such a pleasure fog it didn't register for a moment what I'd heard. But when it finally did my head jerked up.

Christian stood just inside the door, looking like a stroke victim with his mouth all slack and horrified.

All of the blood in my body that had, up to that horrifying moment, been rushing willy nilly to my happy places switched direction in the space of one, terrified heart beat and rushed to my face.

I was so dazed that I almost forgot to stop humping Bion.

Bion finally noticed that I'd stopped responding and lifted his dark head from my cleavage. His eyes were unfocused, his smile soft, like a drunk.

He finally registered my horror and turned toward the door.

Christian looked like he'd just eaten a bug.

Bion tried to step away from me but I still had my leg wrapped around his waist. I gave a little mew of embarrassment when Bion had to forcibly remove my leg from around his waist so he could step away and present at least a modicum of dignity to my outraged partner.

I tried a weak smile. "Hey Christian."

Christian's mouth opened but all that came out was a gagging sound. He closed it and shifted his weight to the other foot, looking pale.

I wondered if I could make myself small enough to fit in the bottom drawer of my desk. I thought that one had a key. I could lock myself in there for about a hundred years and then, maybe someday somebody would rub the drawer and let me out.

It seemed like a really good option at the moment.


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