Book 4 in the Honeybun Heat series

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-3019804-5-1
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications


Love can be Hell…especially in Hell Indiana!

Edric Honeybun is in Hell, Indiana on Halloween, doing research for his latest book in a haunted hotel. His brothers and their honeys decide to join him and make an adventure out of it. During this holiday in Hell, Edric fully expects to do some research, enjoy a few laughs over non-existent "ghosts", and debunk local superstitions about the Le Diablo hotel. What he doesn't expect is to bump up against a flesh and blood killer, fall in love with a beautiful witch, and come face to plasma with a surprise in the local cemetery.

"Author Sam Cheever doesn’t do boring. Sam Cheever doesn’t do ordinary and A Honeybun in Hell is definitely extraordinary with its paranormal elements. A Honeybun in Hell has an innovative plot and the twists and turns take you on an adventure that teases and pleases from beginning to end. A Honeybun novel is a guaranteed fun read and this latest installation, A Honeybun in Hell delivers several twists and very entertaining turns." ~ Recommended Read from ARe Cafe!

My Book was Reviewed by Got Erotic Romance! Reviews

"These Honeybun stories just keep getting hotter! With every new book in this series I love them more and more. Edric is a phenomenal hero and his calm analytical personality shines in this situation. He is the perfect counterpart for the unconventional Bella. Our latest honey is a treat, with her special gifts and true heart she is a wonderful addition to the clan. The story itself has a little bit of everything; mystery and intrigue, action and adventure, sexual chemistry and sweet romance, not to mention a kick-butt spooky location. Once again Sam Cheever's witty tone and quirky characters give readers a quick and lively caper. This is one that I will read and enjoy over and over again." ~5 stars from Got Romance Reviews!

"A Honeybun In Hell has an well thought out storyline with amazing characters and it has been very well written. This story truly has it all, hot romance, suspense and action,  I loved reading this one and look forward to reading more about the Honeybun men and their honey’s." ~You Need to Read from You Gotta Read Reviews!

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They moved the altar cloth to a small rise at the back of the cemetery and spread the picnic Edric had supplied out on the orange fabric. He’d brought cold roast chicken, salad, thick slices of crusty bread with a soft, yeasty center, and dessert, which he wouldn’t let Bella see until after dinner.

Pouting prettily, she sniffed, “I don’t want dessert anyway.”

Edric lifted a thin slice of cheese to her lips and tucked it inside. “You’ll want this dessert.”

Bella closed her eyes as the cheese melted on her tongue, sending a sharp tang of flavor bursting through her mouth. “Mmmm. This is wonderful. What kind of cheese is it?”

“White cheddar, extra sharp. My favorite.” He offered her another bite and she closed her mouth over the tidbit, deliberately letting her lips slide along his fingers as she took it from them.

Edric ran the finger down her cheek, across her jaw, and touched her full, soft lips. “You’re a beautiful woman, Bella Rawnie.”

She shook her head, an automatic reaction whenever someone told her she was attractive. She’d never believed it.

Strong fingers clasped her chin and stopped her head from shaking. “Look at my face, Bella. Can’t you see my feelings there? I’m not trying to hide them from you.”

Bella looked down, adjusting the slippery silk of her robes self-consciously. “You’re a successful, good looking man, Edric. What in the world would you want with a plain, pudgy, wiccan from Hell, Indiana?”

He dragged her chin upward again, forcing her to meet his gaze. “Bella Rawnie, if I ever hear you say such hurtful, dismissive things about the woman I’ve come to…lust…again, I’ll turn you over my knees and spank that beautiful round ass of yours.”

Bella coughed out a laugh, caught completely by surprise. “You l…you lust me?”

Straight, white teeth shone through the dim light as he grinned widely. “I do.”

Then she realized what else he’d said and a shudder of pure delight swept her. “You wouldn’t dare spank me.” Her voice quavered on the words, proving to them both that she wasn’t so sure they were true.

He leaned closer, cutting the distance between them to mere inches. His warm breath fluttered against her cheek, tasting of wine and sensual promises to come. He took a thick ribbon of dark hair off her cheek and tugged it gently, pulling her to within a whisper of his lips.

His gray eyes pinned her, mesmerized her completely. Bella waited, transfixed, for his lips to claim hers. She wouldn’t have moved away for anything. His warm, spicy scent filled her senses and made her body clench and warm.

His intense gaze dropped to her mouth and his lips opened. His tongue swept out as if he anticipated tasting her.

Bella’s thighs tightened as lust swept through her in a wave, swamping any thoughts she might have had of restraint…or denial. She suddenly realized she wanted the man before her like nothing she’d ever wanted before. He was her recreational drug of choice, and she’d happily become addicted to him. All she needed was one…small…taste…

“Try me.” He whispered, and then his lips covered hers.


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