Ebook ISBN: 09838239-01
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

Sick of heroes and on the run from angry gods, Bellona Fara, a Valkyrie, travels the country, running from her past and looking for a bad boy to love. She meets Fallen Angel Rael during a tragic earthquake that threatens a small town in Southern California and is immediately drawn to his smoldering sexuality and tortured soul. Under siege from Bellona's Valkyrie coven and feeling the wrath of the gods, their growing feelings will be sorely tested as they try to deal with things beyond their control.

" entertaining and exciting story that will keep you scrolling and reading until the last word. The sexual tension is high and the love scenes might just melt your monitor so have a fan nearby." Love Romances and More

"Sam Cheever has written a romantic story of two very different beings that fall in love against all odds. The characters are delightful and well crafted, with many emotional layers for each. This is also a story with intrigue and betrayal, and standing up for what you believe is right.
Whipped Cream Reviews

"Fantastic Story! Erotica is HOT!
Now this short 100 page story Wow’d me. The story was fascinating and I loved the connections between the characters with lots of fighting action. The mythical God’s, the Butterfly Fairies, the Vampire, and all the sister Valkyrie's only added to the stories greatness. The romance and erotica scene was HOT! HOT! HOT! I look forward to reading more books from this author."

Bitten by Paranormal Romance

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Rael’s frown deepened as his body warmed. The woman gliding toward him across the bar was tall, possibly over six feet, with waist length white-blond hair that swayed heavily around softly rounded hips when she walked.

Her eyes were wide, green, and surrounded by thick, dark gold lashes. Her face was oval, on the pale side, and she had a long, aquiline nose. Her mouth was full, pink, and made his loins clench with sudden need.
If it weren’t for the predator-like stride and the neck to toe black leather, Rael might be tempted to call her an angel. But this woman was no angel.

He wanted to throw Kane a questioning glance, but he couldn’t seem to pull his hungry gaze away from her.

She stopped a few feet away from his table, cocking her head prettily. “Mind if I join you?”

Her voice was warm silk, with rough edges that made it just the tiniest bit husky. It was deep for a woman, but completely feminine.

Kane was too discomfited by his reaction to her to be polite. He flipped a hand toward the chair across from his. He didn’t speak. Didn’t trust himself to.

The full, soft lips spread in a smile and her eyes sparked. She slid into the chair next to him, facing the bar.
A drink suddenly appeared in front of him and Rael jumped, looking up into Kane’s laughing face. “You’re always in stealth mode, man.”

Kane gave the siren sitting next to him some fruity looking concoction and winked at her. “Stealth has saved my life more than once, Rael. You of all people should know that.” Kane’s face briefly darkened with emotion.

Rael gave his friend an understanding look. He remembered all too well the times Kane referred to. Rael had met Kane in Germany in the 1940s, before he’d been turned. He’d been a brave and talented soldier, unfortunately he hadn’t been quick enough on his feet to avoid the creature who’d turned him.

Kane quickly shook off his sadness. “Rael, this is Bellona. Now you’re not strangers.” He turned on his heel and sauntered back to the bar, stopping to chat several times along the way.

Rael knew because he watched his friend rather than looking at the woman sitting beside him. He could feel her heat from two feet away. Her warm, sweet scent surrounded him.

The air between them fairly sizzled with tension. Sexual tension. It had been a long, long time since Rael had had to deal with sexual tension.

Tension of almost every other kind was his constant companion. But the fun kind of tension…not so much.
“I’m sensing resistance to my charms.”

When he looked at her she was grinning. It wasn’t the way he’d expected their conversation to start. But he figured it was as good a place as any. “Nothing personal. I don’t much like companionship.”

Incredibly, she laughed. Really laughed. So hard that tears ran from her gorgeous, green eyes.

He leaned back in his chair and watched her, not even bothering to hide the incredulity on his face. “You find that funny? Really?”

She nodded, swiped the back of one hand over her wet cheeks, and sipped her drink. “Mmm, this is good.”
Rael figured he’d steer them back to safe ground. “What is that anyway?”

“Fallen Angel.”

Rael spit beer across the table. She leaned back to avoid being spattered. “What?” His voice sounded choked. He turned and glared at Kane.

The vamp just laughed and saluted him.

“Very refreshing. I’ve decided I like fallen angels.”

He searched her face carefully. Was she teasing him? Impossible. She couldn’t know…Yup, there was definitely a spark in her green eyes. She knew.



“Bellona, I don’t know what Kane told you…”

“He didn’t tell me anything…directly. But I’m not stupid. Valkyrie are trained very early to determine the supernatural persuasion of our prey…”

Rael’s eyes widened. “Wait…valkyrie…prey?”

She took another sip of her drink. “Don’t worry, I’m off the clock. You wouldn’t fit my parameters anyway. In fact…that’s what I like about you.” Her pink tongue slid across her lips, mopping up the last little bit of the fruity concoction she’d swallowed.

Rael realized his mouth was hanging open and slammed it shut. He would not let himself get pulled into her sensual sphere. He’d never met a valkyrie, but he’d read about them. Warriors, every last one of them. Conscripted by the gods to transport heroes to the famed Valhalla in preparation for some big war. The valkyrie themselves had foreseen the death of said gods, and the gods had decreed that they would help them avoid the deaths the sisters had foreseen.

Personally, as a fallen angel, Rael knew all too well that some things couldn’t be avoided. If they could, he’d have avoided being branded a dark angel. And it would serve him well to remember how he’d fallen. He swallowed the last sip of his beer and stood up. “I won’t say it hasn’t been interesting, but…”

The floor beneath his feet rumbled and moved just a little. Across the room, the glasses and bottles behind the bar clanked together. Kane caught an antique beer stein before it hit the floor.

Rael fell back into his chair. He looked at Bellona. She was grinning. He wondered if she’d even noticed the small earthquake.

“I’d take that as a sign if I were you.” She told him a little smugly. “You should stay with me.”

He frowned. “No offense. You’re a beautiful woman, but around here earthquakes aren’t signs, they’re facts of life.”

Bellona shrugged. “Sometimes things aren’t what they seem, Rael the fallen angel.”

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