Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9838239-3-3
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications

This Christmas, Deirdre's own, personal elf has a delicious present waiting for her!

Deirdre Phillips knows she's skirting trouble when she waits until late on Christmas Eve to finish up her gift shopping. But she has no idea how much trouble, until she walks out of the mall and finds herself embroiled in a timeless war between elves and dark fairies.

It seems that Christmas magic is more real than Deirdre ever suspected. And when she learns the battle somehow involves her, she quickly discovers the holiday season can be dangerous too.

Fortunately for Deirdre, she has her very own Christmas elf to help her survive the night. And he's got very definite ideas for how he wants to spend Christmas!

I loved the unique story line of this book. When a young lady finds herself in the middle of a war that defies what she believes about Elves and Fairies, she discovers that she is not who she thought she was. Even more so that love doesn't always come from the places you suspect. Discovering her own self worth and the power it wields makes for an amazing Christmas gift. As a Sam Cheever fan, I highly recommend reading this book and not just for Christmas time!
—5 Star Reader Review

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