Doing the Baba Yaga

Ebook BiN: 05862-01880
Publisher: Changeling Press

A thousand years without love can make a witch do the strangest things!

Elan Gibbs needs to save the woman he loves from servitude to a witch named Baba Yaga. Lisbeth needs to prove that Elan Gibbs loves her before she'll give her heart away to him. But a price has to be paid for their needs. And it seems that Elan will be the one to pay it. Can his love for Lisbeth withstand the payment? Or will he fall under the spell of a sexy witch, who only wants true love to warm her endless life?

This is a sweet love story with enough plot twists to keep the reader interested.

I will be checking out more books by this author. Forever Wicked: Doing the Baba Yaga is a magical, fun, quick read!
—4 Angels from Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews

Sam Cheever always delivers entertaining books and Doing the Baba Yaga is no exception... It's got a little love, a little paranormal, a little sex, and a little deception. In other words, it's good fiction.
—4 Stars from Night Owl Reviews

Doing the Baba Yaga

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"You have only a hundred years left."

Baba Yaga lifted her gaze to the god Perun, who sat in her favorite chair in front of the window, his fat belly straining the golden belt at his thick waist. "I don't even care," she told him.

Perun frowned, shocked by her response. "How can you not care, Baba? You will die soon if you do not stop offering boons to these human cattle."

She turned away, staring through the window. The trees beyond the sparkling glass were green, vibrant with life, and birds sang high in their branches. "I hunger for love." The admission was like bile in her throat, burning her with its truth.

The god scoffed. "You must come to Pirin. I will throw a party under the sacred tree for you. You can mate with one of my princes and live forever among the trees."

Baba Yaga closed her eyes, despair sliding through her. "I wish to find true love, not a pale mating based on expediency."

"You reach for the stars when a bright light will serve, Baba." Perun stood, striding toward her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. "Come. It saddens me to see you thusly. Let us return to Pirin and I will make you smile."

Baba shook her head. "If I cannot find true love I would rather die."

Perun sighed. "Very well. I wish you well on your search. Though I hold out little hope for your success. What mortal man would wish to tie himself to one such as you?"

With his well meant but cruel words, the Slavic god speared Baba Yaga through the heart, deepening her despair to a nearly incapacitating state. "I will find my true love, God of War. Do not doubt me," she murmured.

As Perun transformed into the Eagle and flew from Baba's lonely cabin in the woods, she sighed, praying her words would not be sprayed like acid back in her face.

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