Devil May Care

Series: Holidays Are Hell, book 2
Ebook BiN: 06190-01988
Publisher: Changeling Press

When your name is Valentine, February's pretty much gonna suck.

Valentine Smith H-A-T-E-S the month of February. The constant jokes about her name and comparisons to the chubby guy with arrows are enough to make her want to run and hide for the entire month.

But, this Valentine's Day, the ultimate joke is about to be played on poor Valentine. She's supposed to choke on a chocolate heart and die. You'd think that would be bad enough. But when she misses her chance to die, she finds herself running from an overly ambitious angel and a sexier-than-hell devil named Abbadon. In the race between good and evil it's no contest. Hell has sexy green eyes, lots of yummy muscles, and a truly decadent pair of lips to ease her pain!

Ms. Cheever has a truly wicked imagination and a penchant for utterly delicious demons, and this story ticks both those boxes. The reader is right there with Valentine drooling over Don's delightful physical attributes, as well as alternately laughing and gasping as the plot unfolds and the battle rolls across the universe.
—4 Hearts from Helen, Love Romances & More

Sam Cheever adds a terrific twist to the holidays with this sweetheart of a short! I loved the abundance of adventure and the exuberance of this story. Valentine Smith is a fabulously complex heroine, just when I thought I knew exactly who she was she threw me for a loop. I loved how she hates her name and boycotts the holiday yet fate has other plans for her. Abbadon is larger than life and excuse the cliché but sexy as hell! He might not be what every little girl typically dreams of but once you read this story he'll be what every woman fantasizes about. He is a supreme Alpha male with just the right amount of softness when needed. I swear my face muscles were a little sore after reading because of the smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed the first hellish holiday short story and am happy to see Abbadon get his own adventure. The world that has been created is so stunning and I'm glad to have gotten another glimpse of it. This short story shows that even though the holidays can be Hell, there's nothing wrong with a scorching time during the festive seasons.
—4.5 Stars and a Reviewer Top Pick from Pauline, Night Owl Reviews

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Devil May Care

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He dipped his head, his perfect mouth lowering toward hers. Watching him, she was overcome by an almost uncontrollable desire to nibble the fullness of his bottom lip. He stopped a hair away from touching her. Val waited, suddenly impatient to discover his taste. His heated breath fanned softly over her face, scented with an exotic mix of spice and heat, like ginger and cloves. He slipped a hand over her cheek, the hard, square fingers skimming her jaw and sliding into her hair. "I've wanted to do this since I saw you stepping into that cab."

Valentine blinked, confused by his words, but then forgot them entirely when his mouth claimed hers, infusing her with carnal heat. She leaned into the kiss, ribbons of need forming a twisting path through her awareness as his tongue tested the seam of her lips. She opened just enough to allow his tongue to slide through and tangle with hers. Her sexual core warmed and tingled. Her nipples tightened against her dress as desire flamed bright in her belly. Her reaction to him was intense and immediate, overwhelming her to the point that she forgot to think, forgot to care about anything but the promise of his kiss. Valentine made a startled noise in her throat, a soft whimper of extreme need that seemed to fire her reactions to greater heights. It was a small surrender, and her body accepted it as a release of sorts, an open invitation to pursue the pleasure she knew he'd give.

Don wrapped his arms around her, pulling her more tightly against his body.

A wave of dizziness turned her mind to mush, and Valentine heard the crash as her wine glass slipped through her suddenly nerveless fingers.

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