The Demon's Mate

Series: Royals of Sheoldris, book 1
Ebook BiN: 06428-02066
Publisher: Changeling Press

What if real love began in the pages of a paranormal novel? And what if that love leapt off those pages, and into an avid reader's arms?

Terra fell in love with Jacobin when he was the hero in a sexy paranormal novel, but when he showed up at her door she thought she was losing her mind. Imagine how she felt to learn her fate had been scribed onto magic pages and could just as easily be erased. Would she be willing to give up everything, just to hold onto a love she never dreamed she'd have?

Sam Cheever creates a fantastic world with this fast-paced erotic paranormal romance. The new world described in these pages is fascinating and I want to know so much more about it. I am hooked on this and cannot wait to read more. I'm truly looking forward to visiting again and again as she introduces what is bound to be some of my favourite characters.
—PaulineMichael, Night Owl Reviews

This is a really intriguing start to The Royals of Sheoldris series. I really enjoyed learning about the world that the book was set in and, of course, there's Terra and Jacobin too. In fact, they have incredible chemistry whether they're fighting or having sex, and it's all really fun to read.
The Romance Studio

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The Demon's Mate

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Another knock on her door made Terra scream in annoyance. Flinging the book aside, she climbed to her feet. Beyond her window light flickered, looking for all the world like something was burning across the street.

She barely noticed, she was madder than hell. People were always calling her and knocking on her door. Why couldn't they leave her the hell alone for five minutes so she could enjoy her book? Puffed up with her own outrage, she stomped to the front door and grasped the knob, turning it and flinging the door open. She started yelling before she even looked up into the face of her visitor. "Son of a bitch, why can't you people just leave me alone? I'm busy! What makes you think you can just pound on somebody's door..."

She stopped mid-sentence, swallowing the rest of her rant as she looked up into sexy green eyes fringed in velvet black. Wavy, black hair framed his square jaw and showcased a dense, muscular neck. His shoulders were mouth-wateringly broad and his pecs...good lord he wasn't wearing a shirt...were firm and deeply chiseled. His torso was cut like the finest crystal and shimmered under a sheen of sweat. He held his big fists at his sides and his perfectly sculpted lips curved upward as he scanned a look over her body.

Terra suddenly wished she'd stopped to pull a robe over her boy shorts and tank top. The outfit, though comfortable for lounging around the house, was too tight and revealing for strangers. "I..." She swallowed hard. "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong house."

But her gaze slipped past the two men, where, as far as the eye could see, what looked like thousands of red-eyed creatures crouched and waited, watching the interplay on her porch. Fear tightened in her gut. It wasn't possible! Her mind screamed. Maybe they were filming a movie in her neighborhood...

The gorgeous male turned to a second man who was standing beside him and that's when Terra saw the small, curved horns sticking out from all that midnight hair on the side of his head, just behind the temples.

She sucked in a breath.

The horned male lifted a dark eyebrow. His companion shook his head. "I assure you, sire. It's her."


He looked back at her. "Terra Bettina?"

She frowned. "Yes, but..."

"You recently reached your majority?"

"My ma-what-ity?"

The other man spoke. "You recently turned twenty-five?"

She frowned. "I don't know why that's any of your business..."

"Answer him, woman!"

Terra jumped and started to slam the door closed. "Go to Hell, ass-wipe."

The horned one reached out and grabbed the door, turning to his companion with a grin. "Do you see the fire in her eyes?"

The other man nodded, returning the grin. "She is indeed worthy, sire. And so comely too."

Terra looked from one man to the other, not believing what she was hearing. Finally, she kicked the bigger one on the shins and slammed the door closed. Locking it and leaning against it as blood pounded in her veins and stars popped before her eyes. She could run upstairs and get her shotgun. Whoever...or whatever...they were, she'd like to see them come out on the better side of a load or two of shot.

The knocking started again and his deep, sexy voice came through the door, slightly muffled. "Come, beautiful Terra, there is no point fighting the inevitable. You are my mate and you are coming with me."

She covered her ears and chanted to herself. "This is not real. This is not real. This is not re..." Her gaze slipped to the book, lying on its face on the couch. It was the damned book's fault. It was a succubus creature, luring her into its depths. She was probably in some kind of reader coma, dreaming that the demon from the book was standing there.


She ran across the room, grabbed the book, and looked around. She needed to destroy it. If the book were destroyed all that silliness beyond her door would go away. Her gaze fell on the fireplace, where a healthy fire crackled and spit as if beckoning her forward.

Yes! Fire. That was the answer.

"Open the door, mate or I'm going to break it down."

Terra ran across the room and pulled the glass doors open.

The first kick shook the door on its hinges and she heard an ominous cracking sound. Beyond the walls of her little house a loud keening sound reminded her the sexy demon on her porch was not traveling alone.

She gave the sexy book one last, longing look and then heaved it into the fireplace. Fire flared up around the paperback, nipping at the edges and then turning them black and consuming the bare chested demon and sexy seductress embracing on its cover.

A shout went up outside, followed by the thunderous sound of pounding on the front door. Terra took another step away from the door, and stumbled. Heat swept through her in a wave as the book in the fireplace turned to ash. Her hair stuck to the back of her neck, nausea flared, and sweat popped out all over her skin. A wave of dizziness made her grasp the mantel and she held on tight as her limbs turned to mush.

You cannot escape me, mate, a deep, sexy voice said in her mind.

The world spun, dove toward her feet, and Terra cried out as everything started to fade away before her eyes. Suddenly the floor was rushing up to meet her and Terra grunted in pain as her head hit the carpet hard enough to send the world behind a black, all-encompassing screen of oblivion.

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