Ebook ISBN:978-1-61937-518-5
Publisher: Musa Publishing

This Valentine’s Day, Rori’s gonna meet an honest to god Cupid. And he’ll use more than arrows to win her love.

Rori Foster is too beautiful to find love. Men just can’t seem to look past her exterior to recognize the human being inside. But, this Valentine’s Day, Rori’s gonna meet an honest to god Cupid. And he’ll use more than arrows to win her love.

Unfortunately he’ll have to save her from the bad intentions of a cocky Love Demon first.

But Damios is determined to protect her. Even if he loses her in the process.

Bitten by Paranormal Romance gives Cupid a 4
– A Pack Howl!

"This is a delightful and sexy story of competition not only in the office, but between a cupid and a demon."

Long and Short Reviews: "Cupid Only Rings Twice was a very cute story that was short but entertaining.  I’ve read quite a few books by Sam Cheever and I have not been disappointed, her style of writing and the way she introduces her characters always makes for a good reading experience."


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Rori looked at the appetizers and groaned inwardly.

“I hope you like oysters.”

“Oysters? Oh, um, I’ve never tried them. I’ll probably just stick to the antipasto, it looks delicious.”

Damios lifted a shell from the platter and squeezed fresh lemon on it, holding it toward her. “Just one try. I promise you won’t die from it.”

Rori grimaced, “Are you sure?”

His sexy dark eyes sparkled with mirth. “I am reasonably certain, yes. And if you start to die, I will give you mouth to mouth resuscitation.”

Rori grinned. Talk about motivation. “I’m pretty sure mouth to mouth won’t do a thing for food poisoning.”

“No. But at least we’ll both enjoy your last moments.”

Rori shook her head, rolling her lips to keep from laughing.

Damios lifted the oyster closer. “Come. Try. Expand your horizons.”

For just a moment, looking into Damios’ dark eyes with the thick, velvet fringe of black lashes, Rori had a déjà vu moment that nearly took her breath away.

Deciding he wasn’t going to give up without a fight, Rori sighed, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth obligingly.

She heard the scrape of Damios’ chair against the rough carpet. Smelled his warm, sandalwood scent as he leaned close. Felt the cool, rough edge of the shell against her lips. Then a slight pressure as Damios tipped the shell to expel its slimy contents.

The oyster was cool and silky against her tongue, surprisingly not unpleasant. She swallowed quickly, feeling it glide down her throat in a cool wash.

The scent of sandalwood enveloped her. A warm fingertip touched her chin. Then Rori felt the sweetness of a pair of lips gently touching hers. She gasped, her eyes flying open, and looked into a pair of beautiful, olive green eyes.

Damios skimmed the finger over her chin, holding her gaze for a beat, before sitting back down and fixing her with a soft, sexy smile. “In my family we call it blessing the oyster. It is a practice passed down through generations.”

Rori swallowed hard, her lips still tingling from the delightful touch. She cleared her throat twice before she thought it was safe to speak. “I guess that’s why they call oysters the food of love.”

Damios didn’t respond. He simply picked up another oyster. “Would you like another…?”


His husky chuckle sent heat spiraling through her, and made her wish there were more oysters on the plate.


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