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Book 4: Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries - August 14, 2017!

A skeleton under the floorboards…a long-hidden scandal…and a nonagenarian WAVE who claims to have no knowledge of how the body got buried under her living room floor. When their new friend, Scarlett, moves to Silver Hills, Flo and Agnes soon realize the veteran of WWII isn’t exactly a people person. Unfortunately, her acerbic personality isn’t helping her divert suspicion from the murdered soldier beneath her floorboards and Detective Peters doesn’t seem inclined to search for the “real” killer. So the two sleuths, with a colorful array of the usual sidekicks, dive into the decades old murder and soon start discovering it has a grip in the present. Unfortunately, as they get too close, the killer targets Scarlett and Agnes gets caught in the crossfire.



Book 1: Reluctant Familiar Paranormal Mysteries - November, 2017!

Cat shifter LeeAnn Mapes comes from a looooonnnnngggg line of witch familiars. But, despite the fact that being a familiar is literally in her blood, she has zero interest in following the family business. She runs her own pet rescue business and keeps her distance from the Familiar world. But when circumstances, in the form of a really cute warlock down the street and a dead Familiar discovered in a nearby park, conspire to drag her hissing and spitting into the very world she's trying to avoid, LeeAnn realizes it's impossible to ignore who you really are. And sometimes there are rewards to embracing what makes you tick.



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