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#1 Sam Cheever's House

An irreverent spirit warrior. A sexy fae warrior with secrets. An opinionated flying horse. A room full of arrogant gods. They all need to work together to defeat a delightfully evil villain. There’s no way in Heaven or Hell…or anywhere in between…that this won’t be entertaining!

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#2 Ashlyn Chase

Professional baseball pitcher Jason Falco bought an old Boston brownstone apartment building as an investment and a place to live. It seemed like a good idea until he met his tenants. With all the hooting, howling, and hollering going on, how's an All American shapeshifter supposed to sweep the new girl off her feet?

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#3 Nina Pierce

“Passion and suspense go hand-in-hand … Author Nina Pierce knows how to turn up the heat and keep it    on high, which makes [Deceive Her With Desire] a deliciously erotic read.”

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Mechele Armstrong

Princess Arianna's brother is missing, lost in the dangerous brothels on Chombay. She can't find him alone so she hires a legend to help. When they meet, their heartstones glow. The legend -- the Rogue, a man called McTavish -- is her mate.
Decker's been studying McTavish from behind a desk for years. Catching him is his chance to earn a much-desired promotion in the Union Alliance. Then the Queen, Arianna's stepmother, who is responsible for the prince's disappearance, contacts him with a deal: find her son before McTavish does and use him as bait, and she'll make sure he gets that promotion. Except...
Decker can't stand her actions against her son and turns on the Queen. He contacts McTavish and Arianna to make a deal. The biggest surprise when they meet isn't that he plans to go through with it. It's that his quarry and the princess are his mates.

On the run from a vicious queen, the three must learn what can bond a princess, a law man, and a rogue... in order to save their lives and the throne.

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#5 Marianne Stephens

"Witches" and"Flying Monkeys" try to stop Katie O'Hara from saving an almost bankrupt company. Despite Fireman Mike Marino's offer of help, she's determined to succeed on her own, while lust keeps igniting the passion between them.

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#6 Dakota Cassidy

Katie Woods never thought she'd be forty-one, divorced, and thrust back into the dating world. To start fresh, Katie uproots her veterinary practice to upstate New York-not exactly the hottest dating scene on the planet. But when an unconscious cougar appears at her clinic, Katie's newly single life gets a much needed jolt of the supernatural kind.

After Katie examines the cougar and leaves him caged overnight, she's shocked to find a big strapping specimen of young, hot man in its place. And when the scratch she got during the exam results in some unnatural side effects, Katie has more to deal with then her animal attraction to a much younger guy-she has to figure how to stop herself from becoming a cougar of the four-legged variety.

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#7 Cindy Spencer Pape

When Sam Holiday moves into his Victorian home the week before his thirty-fifth birthday, the last thing he expects is to find a ghost in residence. Especially a horny one.  Evie Bonnell has been hanging around since her death in 1916 because she has unfinished business. She died before experiencing sex. She’s learned a lot over the years and has decided single, handsome Sam is the right man to do the job. Sam’s delighted that his demure ghost has turned into an eager hedonist, but not so happy that she’ll be gone after Halloween. Not only is she the hottest woman he’s ever had, but he’s afraid he’s fallen in love. Now it’s up to fate and the Holiday family magic to find a way for the lovers to stay together.

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#8 Frances Stockton

The second oldest of an ancient race, Nicholas, Duke of Arrington, is austere, lofty and elusive. A widower with no wish to remarry, he never expects to meet Miss Regan Saunders during a walk through Parade Gardens. Aware she’s his destined mate, he’s fascinated. She’s an Abcynian Guard. To many of his kind, it would be a relief to find a woman willing to guard his secrets. Due to horrific betrayal by his first duchess, and Regan’s scandalous plan of being a doctor someday, he’s hesitant to simply claim her, and instead court her in secret.

When Guards become the targets of a macabre killer, Nicholas will stop at nothing to protect Regan, including marriage. Despite the circumstances, it isn’t long before they profess their love and consummate their vows. Their love will stand against many tests. As an enemy far closer than they realize threatens, their faith in each other will be strained.

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#9 Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Syntian Cree, an ancient demon waiting in the Abyss to serve the Ones who call him. Her desperation brings him forth, and it will be to her and her kin-for generations to come-to whom he will be bound by a blood oath neither can ever break.


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#10 Lisa Pietsch

Las Vegas, baby at the casino of all Casinos — the Arcana Royale. Arcana Royale is a high-end supernatural casino.  Some characters are immortal and some are not. The Royale itself has a very distinct personality and some even believe it may be “alive” in its own right.

Anything can happen at the Arcana Royale and anything goes, but don’t piss off the Overseers or you may find yourself serving up your soul to the showgirls.   Discover tales of forbidden romance, sexy heroes and dark mysteries.

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#11 Lizzie T. Leaf

This book may cause laughter

A confused tour director, a group of retired nosey teachers, kilt inspections by a horny old woman, a Hot Scot and for the heck of it, add a little Fae Magic and a touch of bubble gum chewing Goddess of Love.

Mix with chocolate martinis and you’re good to go!

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#12 Stephanie Burke

Emerging from the cocoon, the last thing Cyprus expected was to be female. But there she was, the only female born of the Clan Equlestraa Untitalis, the most important family in their clan. She still remained a warrior, though, through-and-through, and no pair of breasts was going to stop her from her training! But then she met him.

Alknowan, the Prince of the Dragonish Prime, thought he was saving a damsel in distress. But instead, he took one look at Cyprus and lost his heart. He vowed to do anything to keep her, including battling her to the death for the honor of keeping her.

But there were issues. She was of the Equlestraa, the horse type gargoyle warriors, while his secondary form was Dragon. Then there was the matter of her wanting to kill him. But if he could survive her family, the politics trying to keep them apart, and Cyprus herself, then he would give up everything to become Unus, the First of her Coven.

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Marilyn Lee

On her 40th birthday, Schoolteacher Erica Kalai attends a Halloween party and allows herself to be picked up by a dark, sexy hunk dressed as Dracula. The attraction is immediate and mutual—too bad he belongs to a full-blood vampire fem prepared to kill to keep him.

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